Sunday, July 14, 2013

reLAX Lounge

Now THIS is the way to fly - or at least the way to cool your heels whilst waiting 8 hours for your next flight anywhere out of Los Angeles Airport.

The reLAX lounge - situated in the Tom Bradley International Terminal is an oasis in the centre of this busy airport.
This quiet 'pay to stay' lounge is a wonderful option for the ordinary traveller and well worth the fee of $15 per hour (less if you stay longer - capped at $50 for the entire day)  There are large recliners that you can grab some needed sleep - or comfortable chairs that are large enough to curl up in.
Internet access, Food and Drinks are included in the charge. (so when you factor in the cost of food for your lay-over it makes the option even more enticing).

With the reception desk attended at all times, this makes a weary traveller feel safe enough to close your eyes or leave your bag for a few minutes while you grab another cuppa - and yes they have tea....and Danish... and really nice small rolls.

Would I come back - Definitely ... next time I'm transiting through LAX

Friday, July 12, 2013

Catfish Cabin - Albertville AL - USA

That's right folks - Alabama USA!

I have taken to the Air and landed in North Alabama where DD & I have been treated to some "Southern Hospitality", and a special treat was to be taken to Catfish Cabin.

I could easily become a fan of the delicate flavour of this fish, and the accompanying Hush Puppies (Cornbread balls) which are so moorish that our hosts ordered a second helping.

With a side of 'hand-cut' coleslaw and French Fries it was a perfect meal to round off a very long and adventure filled day.
Hush Puppys & Coleslaw