Friday, January 9, 2015

Sorrento Back Beach - Mornington Peninsula Victoria

Lately the Family stress levels have been mounting so whenever I need to blow the Cobwebs out - I 'make tracks' and head for the Beach.

With a perfect September day being provided,
I picked up my parents - got my DH to wag work (Officially it is called Family stress leave) and hit the road.

Sorrento Back Beach is now a good 20 mins closer than it used to be with the opening of the new Peninsula Link Freeway, a perfect road and not one traffic light for 90 km.

Arriving just on 12:00 we settled in at the Restaurant on the Cliff (All Smiles, Sorrento) with a view of the Ocean and the sound of Surf pounding on the shore to enjoy a lunch of gourmet Fish and Chips.

Being the start of school holidays the usually secluded beach was well populated with families and local children having fun in the surf.

The tide was coming in and creating some strong waves which were a ton of fun for these lads but not so for 'the lady in white' who was sitting on the sand one minute and in the water the next! - Oooops.

Reluctantly I had to turn my back on the waves, trudge back up the sand, collect Mum & Dad from their seat and head for home.

Not quite sure about Dad but DH was more than happy with the outing!