Thursday, June 12, 2014

Portsea- Mornington Peninsula Victoria

7:00 am - L Plates on and  hit the road.
8:20 am - Arrive at RFT (reason for trip), drop off DS#2
8:21 am - Decide where to go next...

9:36 am - 2nd Breakfast! 
Venue: Baked in Sorrento
Verdict: Best ever Vanilla Slice and Coffee from award winning Bakery.

11:00 am Sorrento Surf Beach

12:30 - Can't walk any further
No - really, this is the end of the line

the last stretch of sand on Port Phillip Bay. 
From here on it is just rocks until 


You get to the other side
but then you are not on the bay but Bass Strait

This is Point Nepean
Point Nepean has a fascinating history, 
from Quarantine Station to the drowning of a Prime Minister 

It was a lot of walking to get here.
We decided we had already walked off our Morning tea.

2:31 pm - A Mini Kitchen
Rye Victoria
How could we resist when the directions were
"It's new, I haven't been, 
but it's painted all White and with Yellow umbrellas out the front - 
It looks Pretty and it is always full."

Strong Coffee, Apple Crumble Pie and a Lime/Lavender Friand
Verdict:  When can we come back?
When can we do this again?

4:30 pm Home again.
What an awesome day

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mestizo - Peruvian Restrobar

Recently DH and I decided to go out for dinner while our DS#2 was at Orchestra Rehearsal.

The fun part about dining out on a regular basis mid-week, is that you never know where you are going to end up!

A few weeks ago, while looking for one Restaurant we arrived only to discover it had closed and in it's place was a delightful addition to the Multicultural Melting Pot of Cuisines that is Melbourne.

Mestizo is a Peruvian Restrobar.
The food was beautiful.
The Staff were welcoming and the Decor relaxing.

And the Coffee?
It was the best we'd had on a Wednesday night, and perfect to accompany the extra sweet hit of our desert.

Mestizo -
77 Upper Heidelberg Road
Ph:  03 9499-6988

UPDATE:  Mestizo has closed.
The management found there were not enough regular diners to warrant keeping the Peruvian Menu and have re-branded the restaurant to be 100% Italian.

Same wonderful staff - different Menu.