Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our Bags are packed ...

We're ready to go.

I am hoping to be able to post a photo a day
So, check back occasionally
and join me in my first trip to the USA !

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lena's Cafe One - Reservoir

2017 UPDATE:
This Cafe is permanently closed and looks like it will be part of a re-development of the corner property.
* * * * * *

2016 UPDATE:
Arthur and Lena have sold their Cafe to new owners and I am yet to go see what they have on offer.
With the recent building of the new Reservoir Library next door, parking is still available but not accessed through the lane-way (now a pedestrian mall).

* * * * * *

I have been resisting writing up this lovely new Cafe for a while, as I am not sure  if I wanted to "Share it" with everyone just yet!  <VBG> But it is just too good to keep to myself.

When Lena's opened almost a year ago on the corner of Edwards Street and Spring Street,  I wondered how it was going to survive but I have discovered that it is ideally situated.

Just across the road from the Reservoir Train Station and with a Bus stop outside the door, it has plenty of passing traffic.  The Reservoir Civic Centre and Police Station with their huge off street car park is just next door.

The owners, (Husband and Wife team Arthur and Lena) are vibrant people who love their work and it shows in their food.

The cabinets are always stocked with the most delicious assortment of Focaccia, Pizza, Quiche, Croissants and Salad to make into healthy sandwiches.  Or browse the menu board for something HOT. My favourite is the Warm Lamb Salad.
If that is not what you are looking for,
then there is the fresh made Juice option
or Yoghurt
or Ice-cream
or just Coffee and Cake.

Well worth a visit.

Lena's Cafe One
1 Edwards Street
Reservoir Vic 3073
Ph: 9090 7002

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Now THAT wasn't on the Calender

Regular visitors (to my Aussie Kilted Quilter Blog) will be aware that I have a LOT on my calendar this year. Things were settling into a plan (of sorts) and I was thinking 'Yes I CAN do this'.  And then DD came home and said....
"Mum - I need to go to a Conference - Will you come with me?"

To many of my readers it is a common occurrence to pack bags "Jump on a 'plane" and end up somewhere else - BUT....
believe it or not ...
I have never flown ...
anywhere ...
before ...

You may well guess by the photo that this is NOT a 'local' conference.

Now, I love going on adventures and this is going to be one BIG adventure.
I have worked out that by the time I get back home 
I will have flown 35,000 km  
on 9 different types of Aircraft, 
cooling my heels in 7 different airports, 
over the space of 17 days.
And I have been reliably informed that I will be travelling through ...
a Gazillion timezones!

I realise that it would be daft to go all that way, just to go to a conference. Without seeing anything - other than the insides of airports and the conference venue (albeit a very NICE conference venue). Therefore, I have planned a little side trip to visit an Internet Friend on the way. 

So folks .. in a little over Three Weeks DD and I will be on our way to Alabama then on to Michigan!

AND - If anyone has any hints on what to do in an airport for 8 hours - your comments will be appreciated!!!