Thursday, September 26, 2013

Air New Zealand ....

Yes you saw correctly this post is about AIRLINE food!

During my recent trip overseas I had wanted to write about the various meals we received whilst in transit - the only problem was none of the other Airlines we flew with actually gave us anything (other than complimentary drinks).

Air New Zealand spoilt us with beautiful and tasty breakfasts. Our choice of  hot or cold dishes for all of our flights.  We were even given lunch on a flight we were not expecting any meals on.

I had heard horror stories about food served up on flights so was delighted to find the attendants offering us a meal that was better than I actually make for myself when at home.

And I must say that I have never seen a cup of tea poured with such theatrical panache as I did on these flights - obviously the attendants LOVE their job!

Would I fly with them again - Oh yeah... Definitely!