Sunday, May 27, 2012

Donut King - Highpoint

We had an 'interesting' trip across to Maribyrnong to buy some bits & pieces for DS#2's super computer.  The drive was not pleasant at all, with the full gamut of Saturday afternoon traffic congestion, bad weather, road rage, diverting around a traffic accident and construction sites.....  Not my idea of fun......

So when the Highpoint Shopping Centre loomed into view -                  Tea? Coffee? Anyone? You bet!
The smell of freshly cooked hot donuts greeted us as we staggered through the door.  Not the kind of food that I should be considering but .... they smelled sooooo good.
The reason I am including this trip is the fact that the Staff were so nice, they made us fresh donuts.  The cup of Tea (Twinings English Breakfast) was the best I have had anywhere for a long time, DH's coffee was 'just what he needed' and the Lactose Intolerant One now has a new love..... Coffee Soy Milkshakes!
It certainly was the 'Highpoint' of the trip.  ;-)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Feeling Blue

Extra points for Coffee Art and Presentation
with a bonus for the Chocolate!
Myrtle didn't need to come for the ride yesterday as I know the way to the Shopping Centre from here, DH came along instead.  
I wasn't feeling too fantastic so we stopped at Jamaica Blue for a Latte and a 'Surprise Me' cake.
It is always a treat when you ask for a 'surprise me' cake.  You get a few odd looks from the staff but then I don't have to decide!..... this time I got a Lemon Meringue Tart and DH a Carrot Cake which was nicely warmed.  Not sure about the extra cream on the side but it made a nice touch..  They get extra points for Coffee Art and those tasty little coffee bean flavoured chocolates that arrive on the spoon.
As far as the coffee was concerned..... well, to quote DH "it was coffee".....

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Welcome Stop

I wasn't planning to be on the road on Thursday, but one thing led to another and Myrtle and I and DS#2 had an unexpected trip to Berwick.  A trip that is made a lot quicker if you take Eastlink. I just love driving this road and never begrudge the toll. What I like even more is the new Truck Stop that they have opened on the Northbound road.

It is HUGE! and a very welcome sight indeed when you have just been battling the Monash Freeway with a cross-wind.
Inside is a very spacious area for sitting and enjoying a coffee from the Cafe just inside the door.  There is the standard Servo shop too - just in case you have run out of TicTacs or need some Jelly Beans to get you through the rest of your trip.

There is an enclosed indoor playground for the Kids to let off some energy after having some MacDonalds or KFC and space for 2 more "Exciting New Food Retailers" which are 'coming soon'.
In addition to the very clean toilets (well I can only comment on the Ladies room) there is also a Lounge and Shower facilities for our Truckies.

I would have placed a photo of my Coffee - but it is really difficult to capture the true 'soul' of a coffee that is served in a brown cardboard cup with a plastic lid.  (Note to self: Remember to bring my own Mug!)
For my tastes - it was a nice smooth coffee, and I will be happy to come back. Whether the Connoisseurs in the family like it - well, we will have to take a trip somewhere so they can taste for themselves!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Who's Myrtle?

Poor 'Old Girl' didn't have a clue where we were!
Myrtle is my Sat. Nav - GPS - on board Talking Street Directory.  She helps me get un-lost and occasionally VERY lost. But maybe I will leave her past indiscretions in the past.  Unless I need a funny story to tell - just to embarrass her!
So Myrtle will take us to places unknown via the scenic route - whether we like it or not.  But there is One thing we can always .....well mostly count on .....OK .. hope for... is a Cuppa at the end of the trip.

The thing about that Cuppa - be it Tea or Coffee or a Good old fashioned Milk Shake is that it needs to be GOOD!  We travel great distances with the help of our Talking Street Directories and are often badly in need of a really good Mug of something.....

So come along and join me as I attempt to give a customers review of the beverages we are served and the meals that accompany them, as 'Myrtle and Me' travel the road to there and back again.