Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Tea Connoisseur - Armadale

It is  with much sadness that I have to report that this beautiful shop has now closed.
We wish them well whatever they are doing now.
* * *

I have been watching the progress of this small shop over the last year - they have had some issues with their renovation and I was delighted that it was open for business last week.

On entering my reaction was ... It was worth the wait!

I could not resist being drawn to the incredible glassware - this photo is a Cold Drip Coffee System that they are using with Tea.

95 different blends of tea in Stainless Steel 'Milk Churn' style cannisters stand side by side, just waiting to be expertly brewed and served in any of the beautiful China and Glassware that line the shelves.

The staff are passionate about their Tea and are very willing to spend the time educating you and showing off the various blends and brewing paraphernalia.

So what did we choose?

Green Earl Grey Cream for DS#2 who has declared it his "new favourite blend ever".
And I chose the exotically entitled 'Yunnan Golden Monkey Imperial' a beautiful light Black tea.

The best ever warm Friands rounded off the experience beautifully.

And, of course we bought some to enjoy at home as well!

Tea Connoisseur
1218 High Street