Wednesday, December 26, 2012

8th Nerve Cafe

We have found a new favourite Cafe and Myrtle didn't get us there.

The 8th Nerve is an unassuming little Cafe situated opposite the Lincoln Mills Home-maker Centre in Gaffney Street Coburg.
It has a good choice on the menu for the Allergic, the Intolerant and the Lifestyle Diets amongst us.
'The Lactose Intolerant One' has finally found somewhere that serves a 'decent soy' and DH has  decided that the coffee is worth 'crossing the road' for.

Staff are friendly and remembered not only that we had visited before but our Coffee orders as well!

Currently Closed for Christmas Break - reopens 2nd January 2013

Open for Breakfast and Lunch
7 days
7:00 am - 4:00 pm
Plenty of parking across the road at the Homemaker Centre

The 8th Nerve Cafe
103 Gaffney Street
Coburg Vic 3058

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cafe Che Vita Bella

Saturday Morning saw us heading down High Street Preston in search of somewhere different.  We passed 2 or 3 cafe's that I have been meaning to stop at - but unfortunately, they seem not interested in the Saturday breakfast customer and we were met by closed doors and darkened interiors.

Cafe Che Vita Bella was open and ready for business.  The staff were friendly and initially attentive. The Genovese Coffee was good.  DH commented that his strong flat white was ' A decent cup' - high praise indeed, he reported it to be Full Bodied, Smooth and not burnt - Great! ticked all the boxes - unfortunately they missed out on a second coffee order from DH because they were not paying attention.
His standard Cafe order of a Mushroom Omelet was large and fluffy and packed with flavour. Which brings me to my order...
As I have said before - my test for the worth of a Cafe's brekkie menu is the quality of their Poached Eggs on Toast.

I could see we had problems when I ordered as there was no dressing mentioned on the menu.  I could add extras like mushroom or bacon but no Hollandaise and none offered when I asked.
The Eggs arrived with the glowing report that they were fantastic as they were fresh from the grower, and I was offered cracked Pepper to taste.  The Toast was perfectly toasted and there was plenty of it.
BUT - Where was the garnish?  One small sprig of parsley was insufficient to cut the cloying eggy taste which stayed with me all day.
And why oh why do you serve Free Range eggs only to cook them in the confines of a silicone mould?

Che Vita Bella
523 High Street

EFTPOS available

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Fish

I haven't written up a Fish and Chip Shop before but I must admit that this is the most impressive one I have seen in a long while. And it wasn't at the beach, so no Seagulls to feed with the tasty morsels that I couldn't fit in.

What sets this place apart from the run of the mill 'Chip Shop'?   The Café  - yes, Café was clean and bright and inviting, I even spied a Coffee machine in the corner. There were at least 4 staff behind the counter at all times and each customer was greeted on arrival whether they were regulars or not.
The fresh Fish on offering was laid out on trays for you to choose. And what a choice!  From the standard Flake (Fresh Gummy) to Atlantic Salmon! And a slightly cheaper Fish of the Day option.
Team this up with Chips and a Salad or if chips aren't your thing you can have Rice.

We weren't feeling too hungry so chose the $8:00 Snack Pack.  These arrived at the table in paper lined baskets and OH MY - Where is a flock of hungry seagulls when you need them?
The 3 Fish Bites - which I expected to be nugget size were 6" long, and coupled with this was a Potato cake, Dim Sim and a large tender Calamari ring (the real kind not one of those reformed calamari flavoured things), lemon wedge and tub of Tartare sauce and that was before you even got to the bed of Chips!
Also, while we waited the short time for our lunch to arrive, the table was set with a napkin and cutlery.

Would I go back?  Definitely!-
... But maybe next time I would order something with Salad on the side.

The Fish
148 Burgundy Street
Heidelberg  VIC

Closed Sundays

Monday, November 5, 2012

Espresso Room - Northcote

My DH came across this place one morning and liked it that much he dragged me back at the first opportunity!

The first thing I noticed when walking through the doors is the space - there was lots of it, but I could imagine that in a few hours it would be crammed packed with "Regulars" all enjoying their favourite breakfast from the extensive menu or just a coffee and the paper.

The decor of the place lent itself superbly to 'playing' with the Sepia filter settings on my camera while waiting for our breakfast to arrive.
Everywhere your eye fell - there was some other treasure to discover.

Our drinks arrived quickly and spying a Coffee Roaster in the corner of the room, I assume that they roast their own.  The only query I have about the coffee is - Is it a normally strong blend? Or did the Barrista not notice that my order was for a half strength Latte?

Breakfast saw me going outside my comfort zone and ordering something different - after all, that IS why we try different cafes isn't it?  I can't see the point of going somewhere new and ordering the same old 'Toast and Vegemite' I can make at home.

DH had an Omelet with fresh Tomato, which was light and fresh and huge, sitting on a bed of toast (perhaps to keep it off a cold plate?)

and I had Dukka Eggs on Wholegrain Toast with Fresh baby spinach and marinated Capsicum and Goats Cheese.

It was very tasty, with lots of toast underneath, and perfect poached eggs, although the small crumb of Goat's Cheese was hardly enough to be included on the menu description, but still a perfect breakfast, that is... until I got to the capsicum.
If I ever ordered it again I would be asking if they would swap it for something else like semi sundried tomato, as a massive hit of garlic infused oil at 8:00 am was .... going too far out of that comfort zone.

Would I return?  Yes, if I was in the area. The waitress was lovely and very attentive, and the menu had lots of other intriguing dishes that I would be tempted to try.

Espresso Room
Shop 1, 410 High Street
Northcote Vic 3070

Sunday, October 14, 2012

8 days

Walking down High Street Armidale against a bitterly cold wind I was intrigued by the sight of a basket containing an assortment of Red and Grey fleece Wraps just sitting against the doorway of 8 days.

My first thought was, as I scurried inside, Who left that there?  Of course, when leaving I realised, as I pulled my collar up against the cold that they had been left out to warm the patrons who chose to dine outside.  What a lovely thoughtful gesture!

Inside the cafe is usually quite busy, yet the staff are always pleasant and where as I was not noticed when I came in and sat - after surveying the bounty in the cake cabinet, it was not long before  was greeted and my order taken.  As I waited for my Coffee and warm Flourless Orange Cake to arrive - I watched as the wait staff skillfully negotiated the tables carrying plates full of the most wonderful looking and smelling food.

As far as the coffee is concerned.  You have TWO choices.  Basically- if you ask for anything with milk - you get the House Bend 5 Senses 'Crompton Road' and all other Coffees are served the Single Origin "Guest Roaster of the Month" this month it is Panama Hortigal.

Would I return? ...  I always do - whenever I am passing.

Hmmm, was just asked if I would like another coffee.  Pity.... I'm on a One Hour Park!

8 days
1184 High Street
Armidale Vic

Saturday, October 6, 2012

All Smiles - on Sorrento Back Beach

It was a 'nice day for a drive' so I loaded DH into the car and asked Myrtle to take us to Sorrento. A pleasant 2 hours from my side of Melbourne.

This is one of my favourite surf beaches, not just for it's close proximity to the township of Sorrento (Victoria) with a lively Cafe culture in the main street - but for the fact that it has a truly beautiful beach to walk along and when the tide is out - rockpools to investigate and when you are exhausted from all that you can wander into All Smiles!

And with a view like this - you take your time to peruse the menu. Our only problem was deciding WHAT to have!

Our choice for today was a Chicken & Mushroom Gourmet Pizza and a Bowl of Wedges to share.
If I was ordering just Pizza - next time (and I would order it again) I would have one each as it was smaller than we anticipated, but the Wedges could have easily satisfied another 1 or 2 people!

...and sorry, I can't tell you what their coffee was like --- as we chose to have an icy LLB (Lemon Lime and Bitters) instead.

The day was beautiful. The Beach terrific, as usual. The Staff and service at All Smiles was - just that....  All Smiles!

PS:  If you are too wet, sandy or time poor to go inside - they have an outside "Takeaway" and tables.

All Smiles
At the Carpark, Sorrento Surf Beach

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lucchini Cakes & Coffee

When I want a really nice Coffee and Cake, I don't need Myrtle to show me the way -  I head straight to Lucchini in either High Street Preston or to their stall at the Preston Market.

I don't know anywhere else where I can get a Passion fruit Cream Éclair.
They are so fresh that the choux pastry shatters and is then held together by the generous amount of fresh passion-fruit flavoured cream. (No fake cream used here!)

My coffee wasn't half bad either.

The Shop in High Street, is a cosy affair with plenty of 'tables for two' along the walls that are hung with artwork.  And - if you lift your eyes to the space above the front window you will be intrigued by the assortment of!
The Staff are always friendly and who could resist coming in when their sense of humour is planted firmly on the front door!

As for their stall at the Preston Market -Situated in the Deli Hall, it has an entirely different atmosphere.
And is a good idea to grab a seat inside early in your visit to the Market as space is limited, but the cakes are not!!

Update - They are now open Sundays!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Touch of Dutch -

This little Cafe, situated in an intriguing Arcade in Berwick promised me so much.....

Who could resist the first slice of that awesome looking Apple Pie? - Well I did - at $7:00 a slice (including cream on the side) it was a bit out of my price range seeing I had no one to share it with, and still had to put a Coffee with it.  So I settled for the equally impressive looking, yet smaller Strawberry and Passion Fruit Tart and my usual Half Strength Latte.

Oh dear...... I know that asking for a Half Strength (or Weak) Latte is sacrilege to the majority of Coffee connoisseurs around the world BUT it is the way I drink my Coffee.  - I leave the Short Blacks, Ristrettos  and Macchiatos to other members of my family.  
My Latte arrived -eventually- with at least 2 inches of 'soap suds' foam on top of an insipid lukewarm drink that was vaguely coffee flavoured.  Perhaps the Barresta was new and was learning 'on the job'? - Perhaps... but that was no excuse for the barely cooked pastry that was holding my tart, which fell apart when I tried to cut it.
And the absence on the menu of those beautiful spiced Speculaas biscuits that are so Dutch!  
Oh well, the little shop, accessible through the Cafe sells, amongst other Dutch related items, the carved moulds, should I decide to make my own.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

off the boat - pizzeria

...... with a view through the floor to ceiling glass windows of rolling parkland - where do you think this may be?

For years the small corner milk-bar opposite the train at Edwards Lake Park in Reservoir has been sitting idle just waiting for someone to see the potential and turn it into something worth stopping for.

off the boat - pizzeria has done just that!  The small store has been renovated and turned into a cosy Pizzeria. With rain threatening outside, and the wood-fired Pizza oven warming the store - it was a temptation to linger longer and maybe order one of the many items on offer from their menu.  But, unfortunately, as is so often the case I was in transit and could only sample the coffee (and a little taste of the home made Gelato).

The staff advised me that everything on the menu from the Pizzas and Pasta to creamy Gelato is made on premises (with the exception of the coffee beans - which they have delivered).

I can see it is going to take me a few visits to work through the menu.  And if I do over-indulge then a brisk walk around the Lake will certainly shake that down, and get me ready for another coffee!

                                                                            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I can honestly say that this Cafe has become very popular and some days it is wise to ring ahead if you want to be assured of getting a table.

I have had the opportunity to stop and enjoy another coffee and this time teamed it up with a Cannoli from the dessert cabinet.
Freshly made and filled with creamy ricotta that was flavoured with just a hint of cardamom made the perfect accompaniment to my Latte.

off the boat - pizzeria
203 Edwardes St. Reservoir
Closed Mondays

Monday, August 20, 2012

Alour Cafe - Broadway, Reservoir

With 3 grown children who are now quite capable of getting themselves up and breakfasted in the morning, DH an I have decided that we can go out for Breakfast and / or Coffee & Cake on a Saturday.
Cafe Alour is situated in Broadway - Reservoir just at the pedestrian crossing.  We have been to this Cafe a couple of times and find that the staff are always pleasant, to the point of being pleased and excited to be serving you, and the food is consistently nice.

Just check out these Poached Eggs!

Poached Eggs are for me, the benchmark of a Cafe offering a breakfast menu.  If they don't get the Poached part right then .... you don't go back.  It reminds me of a Cafe we visited, whilst on holidays a long time ago, (before I knew about blogging) when the waitress informed us that if we wanted runny yolks we had to ask for them that way when we ordered!  Um - what?

Perfectly cooked eggs, and the Hollandaise Foam that accompanied them had an early hit of salt which I thought may have spoilt the dressing, but quickly faded to give up the wonderful unique taste of Dill.  DH - who is not a fan of Hollandaise happily shared some of mine (easy to do seeing it was served 'on the side') in exchange for some of his grilled mushrooms. These were nice and firm and had a wonderful smoked BBQ flavour.

If I had any criticism to make it was, that I would have liked just one more slice of the beautifully toasted Turkish roll to mop up the remaining golden yolks from the very large free-range eggs. And perhaps just a tiny sprig of dill to garnish the dressing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Degani's at Northcote Plaza

Anyone would think by the lack of posts that I haven't been out much... But the reality of it is that life sometimes is so busy, the 'pop down the road for a coffee' is just that - A coffee on the run while to get your head around what you have to do next.

Yesterday was one of those days - Myrtle and I were out shopping for a birthday gift and found ourselves down at Northcote Plaza (cnr Separation Street & High Street Northcote).  This place hasn't changed much since it was built, but there are renovations in progress and it was pleasant to find a shiny new Degani's Restaurant around the back at the new entrance, with a view of the adjoining Park.

The venue was warm and welcoming and the staff were pleasant - with perhaps the exception of the waiter, who covered the fact he served my coffee to the wrong table by implying that I had moved!

My coffee was warm and creamy, and comforting for a cold day.  Was it made correctly? With a wee bit too much foam for a Latte and no Crema - I'd say not.  The croissant which was full of almonds would have been nicer had it been warmed for a few seconds in their Pizza oven and not 'nuked' in the microwave.

Would I return?  If I was in the area... and wanting an upmarket warm place to have a meal.  (The chairs were very comfortable.) As for the coffee?  There are other cafe's in the complex that have been around a lot longer.  Maybe I'll check them out next time!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A very pleasant Venue - Beasley's Nursery

Saturday, Myrtle directed My DH and I to Beasley's Nursery [at 195 Warrandyte Road East Doncaster] where they have quite a lovely Cafe on site.

Internet Friends
It was the ideal place to meet friends that you have never met - you know the kind that you have been 'talking to' on-line for ever, and finally have the opportunity to talk face to face.  We found each other, with the help of the waiting staff - and a rather distinctive quilt I was carrying - and then down to business of stories, photos and of course COFFEE!

My coffee was very nice (could have been a wee bit hotter) but DH must have liked his as he ordered another round, this time accompanied by one of each of the muffins on display.  These were served warm to the table with ample butter and were light and flavoursome.  The Fruit Toast that our companion ordered looked so good with its generous bowl of Raspberry Jam on the side and what looked like a disc of Orange infused Butter, that I thought maybe next time......
Yes, it is somewhere I will return to, and check out the rest of their menu.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hidden Gem #2 - Bunnings

... Yep that's right, I said Bunnings.
Myrtle and Me were out on the road this week - ALL this week trundling back and forth to Monash University Clayton Campus for their Annual Computer Games Boot Camp, where my DS#2 is a Senior Volunteer for the week.
So when you have just done the run from where I am to where he needed to be to just turn around and go home again you start looking for somewhere to stop - a VERY wise idea it is too!!!
Friday I pulled off the back road (Gardiner Street) into Bunnings @ Notting Hill. For those that come through the front door, it is in Ferntree Gully Road.
Turn to the left as you pass the 'Meet & Greet' staff and head towards the Garden Department, you will notice the Familiar Play area, but what sets this Bunnings apart from others I have visited is the care that they have taken to 'build' a coffee shop inside the store. The Cafe, open between 9:00am and 5:00pm is a comfortable place for both staff and customers.

Friendly staff greeted me as I stepped into the little Cafe and invited me to stand (ok - thaw out) under one of the 4 ceiling mounted heaters. The display cabinet showing off Soup, Pies, Wraps and other goodies ready to heat up on request, as well as Sandwiches and real Cafe cakes. My Coffee and steaming Chocolate Pudding arrived quickly and at the same time, followed up by a serviette.
The coffee, although a little 'ordinary' was hot and welcome, and in it's defence - The Barresta was on L plates!

A trip to the Ladies room didn't disappoint either - 4 stars for this one!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hidden Gem #1

This has got to be one of Melbourne’s best kept Cafe secrets...

Just inside the main gates and down the wide drive into the Box Forrest Road Cemetery is the new Faulkner Commemoration Centre.  A warm and inviting place to farewell a loved one in either of their two large reception rooms.
OR – If you are just visiting and need somewhere to have a “Good Strong Coffee” then the Cafe around the back is the place to go.

With a view through floor to ceiling glass walls of the Australian Bush landscaped section, watching some of the many different species of Native Birds flit through the Rock garden and standard Grevilleas, you could easily think you were in a cosy Cafe in a very well tended Bush Garden somewhere in the Dandenongs.

The menu is varied from Coffee and a Cookie to a full meal.  And the prices are very reasonable.  The Chef’s Special the other day was a steaming hot bowl of Curried Prawns on Rice for just $7:00 – pity I didn’t notice it on the menu boards before ordering my chips!

On a previous visit I did order and receive Perfect Poached Eggs on crisp Sour dough Toast, which is my benchmark to judge the quality of any Cafe.
So, there is now no reason  to not visit “Great Aunt Martha” when you can happily go off and have coffee or Devonshire Tea afterwards.

2017 UPDATE:
The Cafe is still running but the indoor seating area has been acquired to extend the catering kitchen.
Currently you can enjoy your lunch or Coffee in a Marquee set up on the large decked area.
The food is still fantastic and a good price!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Melba Restaurant - Langham Hotel, Southbank

What can I say other than ... Myrtle wasn't invited to this trip!
We went on the train instead, so there was no worry about parking or traffic, and being fortunate enough to catch the newer trains in service it was like being taken there in a very, very, long stretch limo - ok maybe not, but I can dream!

Lunch at the Langham is a once in a blue moon event, and It was my Mum's birthday treat.

Being A-la-carte meant we could have as much or as little as we wanted. So there is NO excuse for coming away dissatisfied.
We created our own menu as we perused the mains on offer.  Starting with Blue Swimmer Crab for our Entrée, past the Make your own Caesar Salad on on to the Stir Fry seafood and noodles made for you while you wait and watch the 'floor show' put on by the chef as the flames explode from the wok. (Safely behind a glass screen).
Each trip back to sample yet another tasty morsel took us past one of the biggest Chocolate Fountains I have ever seen, with bowls of Strawberries - which Mum declared were 'grown in Heaven' and accompanying soft marshmallows, just begging to be drenched in the warm liquid dancing above.

So, the only problem we had was......exactly How much room should we leave for desert?

I found myself thinking (momentarily) about a blog entry and how it is about Coffee, and the trimmings around it - we HAD to leave enough room to sample at least ONE of each of the Petit Fours on offer while we waited for our coffee, and while we drank our coffee, and while we gazed out over the River that is so much a part of Melbourne and watched the afternoon sunlight play across its waters.

It was a beautiful day.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Truck Stop

Just off the Craigieburn Bi-pass on Cooper Street (between the Freeway and Edgars Road) is another huge Service Station come Truck Stop.
These refuges are starting to be seen in more locations and are a welcome break in the journey, not just to re-fuel the car but ourselves as well.
This one - operated by BP was where we decided to stop for a coffee. Mainly because it was there, and also, because of the Blog I am now looking at the more unusual places that don't get the Reviews of the Food critics.  But then, as my DH mentioned the other day...anyone with a Blog or on Facebook or Twitter is a food critic now-a-days!
We were very pleasantly surprised with the WILD BEAN Cafe, where they serve Fair-trade Coffee and baked on the premises Danish Pastries for just $1:00 extra.  The lass behind the coffee machine was just removing hot cookies from the oven, and I thought that at 4 for $2.95 was a pretty good deal.  Actually - ALL their prices were reasonable, with serve yourself from the front of the counter, we were able to choose the plumpest Danish they had on offer.

On the other side of the doors, or at the back - depending on which way you come in - is another food outlet which has the more robust meals that would do a hungry traveller. From Roast Beef and Veg to an Instant Coffee (Yes, I said INSTANT coffee), and dining tables to sit at.  They also have a "Driver Reviver" massage chair in the back corner.....

My Grandfather used to drive Interstate Trucks... I wonder what HE would think of it all?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Ditzy Danni's at Preston Market

2016 UPDATE:
Ditzy Danni's are still going strong at the Preston Market
Same great staff - same great Coffee!


Now THAT was a good cup of Coffee! But then Jasper Coffee is a hard one to beat as is the range of T2 teas on display.

This unassuming small Cafe on the corner with a view of the Fresh Fruit and Veg section of the Preston Market, was a warm and welcome retreat from the stinging cold outside.  It was packed when I arrived, but I could see just one spot left in the corner and it definitely had MY name on it.

A cup of coffee and a warmed home made Portuguese Custard tart certainly thawed me out.
As I was getting up to leave, a huge plate full of beautiful Golden Scrambled Free Range (sourced from the Market) Eggs on Toast (quite probably also sourced from the Market) wafted past me. I know what I'll be having Next Time!

Now all that was left was to work out which variety of Jasper Coffee beans I would chose to take home.....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Donut King - Highpoint

We had an 'interesting' trip across to Maribyrnong to buy some bits & pieces for DS#2's super computer.  The drive was not pleasant at all, with the full gamut of Saturday afternoon traffic congestion, bad weather, road rage, diverting around a traffic accident and construction sites.....  Not my idea of fun......

So when the Highpoint Shopping Centre loomed into view -                  Tea? Coffee? Anyone? You bet!
The smell of freshly cooked hot donuts greeted us as we staggered through the door.  Not the kind of food that I should be considering but .... they smelled sooooo good.
The reason I am including this trip is the fact that the Staff were so nice, they made us fresh donuts.  The cup of Tea (Twinings English Breakfast) was the best I have had anywhere for a long time, DH's coffee was 'just what he needed' and the Lactose Intolerant One now has a new love..... Coffee Soy Milkshakes!
It certainly was the 'Highpoint' of the trip.  ;-)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Feeling Blue

Extra points for Coffee Art and Presentation
with a bonus for the Chocolate!
Myrtle didn't need to come for the ride yesterday as I know the way to the Shopping Centre from here, DH came along instead.  
I wasn't feeling too fantastic so we stopped at Jamaica Blue for a Latte and a 'Surprise Me' cake.
It is always a treat when you ask for a 'surprise me' cake.  You get a few odd looks from the staff but then I don't have to decide!..... this time I got a Lemon Meringue Tart and DH a Carrot Cake which was nicely warmed.  Not sure about the extra cream on the side but it made a nice touch..  They get extra points for Coffee Art and those tasty little coffee bean flavoured chocolates that arrive on the spoon.
As far as the coffee was concerned..... well, to quote DH "it was coffee".....

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Welcome Stop

I wasn't planning to be on the road on Thursday, but one thing led to another and Myrtle and I and DS#2 had an unexpected trip to Berwick.  A trip that is made a lot quicker if you take Eastlink. I just love driving this road and never begrudge the toll. What I like even more is the new Truck Stop that they have opened on the Northbound road.

It is HUGE! and a very welcome sight indeed when you have just been battling the Monash Freeway with a cross-wind.
Inside is a very spacious area for sitting and enjoying a coffee from the Cafe just inside the door.  There is the standard Servo shop too - just in case you have run out of TicTacs or need some Jelly Beans to get you through the rest of your trip.

There is an enclosed indoor playground for the Kids to let off some energy after having some MacDonalds or KFC and space for 2 more "Exciting New Food Retailers" which are 'coming soon'.
In addition to the very clean toilets (well I can only comment on the Ladies room) there is also a Lounge and Shower facilities for our Truckies.

I would have placed a photo of my Coffee - but it is really difficult to capture the true 'soul' of a coffee that is served in a brown cardboard cup with a plastic lid.  (Note to self: Remember to bring my own Mug!)
For my tastes - it was a nice smooth coffee, and I will be happy to come back. Whether the Connoisseurs in the family like it - well, we will have to take a trip somewhere so they can taste for themselves!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Who's Myrtle?

Poor 'Old Girl' didn't have a clue where we were!
Myrtle is my Sat. Nav - GPS - on board Talking Street Directory.  She helps me get un-lost and occasionally VERY lost. But maybe I will leave her past indiscretions in the past.  Unless I need a funny story to tell - just to embarrass her!
So Myrtle will take us to places unknown via the scenic route - whether we like it or not.  But there is One thing we can always .....well mostly count on .....OK .. hope for... is a Cuppa at the end of the trip.

The thing about that Cuppa - be it Tea or Coffee or a Good old fashioned Milk Shake is that it needs to be GOOD!  We travel great distances with the help of our Talking Street Directories and are often badly in need of a really good Mug of something.....

So come along and join me as I attempt to give a customers review of the beverages we are served and the meals that accompany them, as 'Myrtle and Me' travel the road to there and back again.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cranbourne Gardens

The Australian Botanic Gardens - Cranbourne was the destination for this month's Family Day.  On a 35C day I would have preferred to be somewhere cooler, but DS#1 had an ulterior motive for choosing the destination.

Arid Outback Garden
He is doing a project for his University degree which requires researching Australian Native Trees and Grasses - so he asked if we could combine Family Day with some research.

We walked past the Arid Garden,

Australian Grass Trees

through the Formal Australian Flora Gardens

Past the Bandicoot.... 
the What? 
yes the Bandicoot - cute isn't he?

Native Garden  

  Across their WIP - That's the New Section they are building..

Australian Bush Reserve

And into the Native Bush Reserve

And what do you do when you have walked through such a dry and hot terrain and come across a tranquil watercourse?........

Go Paddling!.. 
Oh yes, they are VERY grown up!

This was our first trip into the Gardens and I was pleasantly surprised.  The staff were lovely, the Formal Gardens were easy to get around and the food at the Cafe was delicious. - What more could we want?