Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Heaven Woodfired Pizza

Situated on the perimeter of the new Coburg North Village shopping centre (on Gaffney Street at the Bus Stop) is just about the best Pizza restaurant I have found - It must be because we keep going back!

I can't say that I went looking for a Pizza when I was out shopping, but the sight of a coffee machine and Cake cabinet drew me in.

And the coffee?
It is excellent!

The cakes are no longer available as they have had to redesign the counter area to make way for ....

7 Apples brand to be precise.

This new cabinet is now integrated into the counter and the flavours change regularly.

There are also a few Lactose Free Sorbets for those of us who can't (or shouldn't) indulge.

Oh.. and they make awesome Pizza too!

All Pizzas are made while you wait, no pre-rolled/pre sauced bases here. Very thin crust and baked in a wood fired oven make these the freshest and tastiest pizza we have come across.

The Menu is not overwhelming but if you can't decide there is always the option to "Build your Own" or choose the Weekly creation off the Specials board.

If Pizza is not exactly what you were wanting - come in anyway, have a coffee and maybe a Zaatar or Flatbread and Homemade dips or perhaps indulge in the Salted Caramel Banana Desert Pizza.

They also do Gluten Free.

Heaven Woodfired Pizza
Shop 9, 174-196 Gaffney Street
Coburg North  Vic  3058

Ph: (03) 9354-0002

Monday, July 25, 2016

A funny thing happened when we got to the Airport...

We were not booked in on our flight!

It would seem that somehow when we made our online bookings a mistake was made and instead of booking our return flight for the 24th July - We were booked to fly home on the 24th of August!

The wonderful staff at QANTAS managed to squeeze DS#2 on board - so he could be at work on time this morning... leaving us to depart the next day.

The staff at Thrifty car rentals retrieved our hire car out of the car wash for us, and Tourist Information Bureau rang around to find accommodation for the night.

Leaving DH and I the terrible ordeal of staying another night in Cairns and waking to this sight from our room in the morning!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day 9 - Our Last Day

With a last half day to enjoy before heading back to Chilly Melbourne we chose to spend it in Kuranda Village checking out the Markets and the Koala Gardens.
Although I have beautiful photographs of the Koalas - 

The Photo of the day just has to be 
this small Red Pademelon and her Joey.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 8 - More Friends

... and a BIG day trip.
More Internet friends to catch up with - 
this time visiting Aust. from Alabama USA. 
Today we whisked them off to see as much as possible in one day 
before we head back to Chilly Melbourne.

The highlight of the day had to be a visit to GRANITE GORGE where there are many wild Mareeba Rock Wallabies.  
They are used to people and come in to be hand fed.

... They grab your hand and you give them food!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Day Seven - Waterfalls and Blue Sky

It has FINALLY stopped raining!
A perfect day to go and see some of that water where it should be...

Going down a Waterfall
and although you  may not be able to see in this photo,
against that beautiful blue sky is the Tourist Train we were on last Wednesday!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day Six ~ The Reef

Another awesome day, 
made even more special as it was our 35th Wedding Anniversary gift.
(Traditionally 35 years is your CORAL anniversary)

The photo for today is...
The Great Barrier Reef

Taken by me from above in a helicopter!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Kuranda and the Scenic Railway

A long time ago I met a boy 
who talked of a little train he went on as a kid.

He promised me he would take me to see that train.

It took him almost 40 years but
Today he fulfilled that promise.

We went up hills and through tunnels and passed waterfalls until we got to the town of Kuranda.

And when we got there we were met by my Internet friend Glenda and whisked off for lunch and a tour of her sewing space!

Thanks Glenda! - it was a beautiful day despite the rain!! 

Day Five - Kuranda

Yes it is STILL raining!
But we made the most of it and "Played Tourist"

And the photo of the day comes to you from "Bird World" at Kuranda.

I am not quite sure but I think this little fellow was checking my DH's shirt size!
(He then tried to souvenir the buttons!!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day Four - More Rain

Queensland, The Sunshine State
"Beautiful one day - Perfect the next"

It was not fun driving up that mountain in this weather!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Day Three - RAIN !

I know we are in a rain forest - but today it was a little over enthusiastic
Let's just say I am glad that we were not stuck in a camper-van! 

By lunchtime the torrential downpour had stopped,
The Sun came out and....
The relentless humidity kicked in! 

So - What did we do today once we could venture out?
Go shopping!
Yes - I know, Boring... But essential.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day Two - Cape Tribulation (Qld)

Today we did the road trip up the bitchium as far as we could go (and some)
I could have shown you a photo of pristine beaches and sparkling sea - BUT
Today's photo is....

Getting to know the Daintree - The oldest Rain forest in the world
It did have that "Jurassic Park" feel to it.

Saturday, July 16, 2016


Lake Placid - Cairns QLD

Good Coffee
Awesome Chocolate Tart

and just a short walk from the
Lake Placid Top Tourist Park.

Lot 102/1 Lake Placid Road
Caravonica  Qld 4078

Today is a Good Day to go on an Adventure

So we jumped on a plane and went to ...

With three and a half hours in the air we didn't see much more than clouds so -
The photo of the day is ...

Nice to know the brakes work!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Tea Connoisseur - Armadale

It is  with much sadness that I have to report that this beautiful shop has now closed.
We wish them well whatever they are doing now.
* * *

I have been watching the progress of this small shop over the last year - they have had some issues with their renovation and I was delighted that it was open for business last week.

On entering my reaction was ... It was worth the wait!

I could not resist being drawn to the incredible glassware - this photo is a Cold Drip Coffee System that they are using with Tea.

95 different blends of tea in Stainless Steel 'Milk Churn' style cannisters stand side by side, just waiting to be expertly brewed and served in any of the beautiful China and Glassware that line the shelves.

The staff are passionate about their Tea and are very willing to spend the time educating you and showing off the various blends and brewing paraphernalia.

So what did we choose?

Green Earl Grey Cream for DS#2 who has declared it his "new favourite blend ever".
And I chose the exotically entitled 'Yunnan Golden Monkey Imperial' a beautiful light Black tea.

The best ever warm Friands rounded off the experience beautifully.

And, of course we bought some to enjoy at home as well!

Tea Connoisseur
1218 High Street