Thursday, October 31, 2013

McDonald's - Australia

I walked into Maccas the other day (after a long absence) and was pleasantly surprised by the addition to their healthy menu options of two new Salads.
The Warm Chicken Salad with your choice of several dressings was my first choice.
I chose the Balsamic Vinegar with Garlic & Pepper dressing. I think 40 ml for one salad was a bit too much - but that is my opinion and you don't HAVE to use it all!
I added a small serve of freshly made fries and a cup of tea and felt it was a nice healthy lunch.

On the road again a couple of weeks later, and my next visit I happily tried the Crispy Chicken option with Honey Soy dressing.
This also was very tasty - the only issue I had with this one was the size of the cutlery!
The little plastic knives and forks may be OK for hotcakes but my salad kept falling off my fork!
Thought for next time - - bring own cutlery or Chopsticks!

I did however, quite possibly, ruin all the good I got from the salad, by having a beautifully made large Latte and the most awesome full flavour hit with the accompanying Raspberry Macaroon.

McDonald's - Keep training your Baristas like the Lady that served me yesterday and you may well have won me back.