Sunday, September 25, 2011

Family Day - TORQUAY

- it is the one day a month that is just for us!
I noticed at the start of this year the wall planner getting crammed with Appointments, Dates, Gigs, Outings, not to mention the day to day stuff of 3 at Uni - so it was decided that before the new month starts to fill up that ONE DAY would be blocked in as Family Day.

Missed the turn off and ended up somewhere else!  Isn't that the fun of just pointing the car in one direction and seeing what is at the other end of it? The plan was to go to Point Lonsdale via Geelong.

What actually happened was....
Geelong Bypass

Where none but the brave ventured in..

(Oh well ... what's a 40km detour when you have no-where to go and all day to get there?)
The wind was perfect for kite-surfers.

We eventually arrived at our original destination Point Lonsdale via some fantastic Hot Chips at Barwon Heads.

The land in the distance is Point Nepean, the water on the horizon is "The Rip", this is where Port Phillip Bay opens into Bass Straight.

And as usual....  the sun sets on a great day out.