Sunday, October 14, 2012

8 days

Walking down High Street Armidale against a bitterly cold wind I was intrigued by the sight of a basket containing an assortment of Red and Grey fleece Wraps just sitting against the doorway of 8 days.

My first thought was, as I scurried inside, Who left that there?  Of course, when leaving I realised, as I pulled my collar up against the cold that they had been left out to warm the patrons who chose to dine outside.  What a lovely thoughtful gesture!

Inside the cafe is usually quite busy, yet the staff are always pleasant and where as I was not noticed when I came in and sat - after surveying the bounty in the cake cabinet, it was not long before  was greeted and my order taken.  As I waited for my Coffee and warm Flourless Orange Cake to arrive - I watched as the wait staff skillfully negotiated the tables carrying plates full of the most wonderful looking and smelling food.

As far as the coffee is concerned.  You have TWO choices.  Basically- if you ask for anything with milk - you get the House Bend 5 Senses 'Crompton Road' and all other Coffees are served the Single Origin "Guest Roaster of the Month" this month it is Panama Hortigal.

Would I return? ...  I always do - whenever I am passing.

Hmmm, was just asked if I would like another coffee.  Pity.... I'm on a One Hour Park!

8 days
1184 High Street
Armidale Vic

Saturday, October 6, 2012

All Smiles - on Sorrento Back Beach

It was a 'nice day for a drive' so I loaded DH into the car and asked Myrtle to take us to Sorrento. A pleasant 2 hours from my side of Melbourne.

This is one of my favourite surf beaches, not just for it's close proximity to the township of Sorrento (Victoria) with a lively Cafe culture in the main street - but for the fact that it has a truly beautiful beach to walk along and when the tide is out - rockpools to investigate and when you are exhausted from all that you can wander into All Smiles!

And with a view like this - you take your time to peruse the menu. Our only problem was deciding WHAT to have!

Our choice for today was a Chicken & Mushroom Gourmet Pizza and a Bowl of Wedges to share.
If I was ordering just Pizza - next time (and I would order it again) I would have one each as it was smaller than we anticipated, but the Wedges could have easily satisfied another 1 or 2 people!

...and sorry, I can't tell you what their coffee was like --- as we chose to have an icy LLB (Lemon Lime and Bitters) instead.

The day was beautiful. The Beach terrific, as usual. The Staff and service at All Smiles was - just that....  All Smiles!

PS:  If you are too wet, sandy or time poor to go inside - they have an outside "Takeaway" and tables.

All Smiles
At the Carpark, Sorrento Surf Beach