Tuesday, August 21, 2012

off the boat - pizzeria

...... with a view through the floor to ceiling glass windows of rolling parkland - where do you think this may be?

For years the small corner milk-bar opposite the train at Edwards Lake Park in Reservoir has been sitting idle just waiting for someone to see the potential and turn it into something worth stopping for.

off the boat - pizzeria has done just that!  The small store has been renovated and turned into a cosy Pizzeria. With rain threatening outside, and the wood-fired Pizza oven warming the store - it was a temptation to linger longer and maybe order one of the many items on offer from their menu.  But, unfortunately, as is so often the case I was in transit and could only sample the coffee (and a little taste of the home made Gelato).

The staff advised me that everything on the menu from the Pizzas and Pasta to creamy Gelato is made on premises (with the exception of the coffee beans - which they have delivered).

I can see it is going to take me a few visits to work through the menu.  And if I do over-indulge then a brisk walk around the Lake will certainly shake that down, and get me ready for another coffee!

                                                                            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I can honestly say that this Cafe has become very popular and some days it is wise to ring ahead if you want to be assured of getting a table.

I have had the opportunity to stop and enjoy another coffee and this time teamed it up with a Cannoli from the dessert cabinet.
Freshly made and filled with creamy ricotta that was flavoured with just a hint of cardamom made the perfect accompaniment to my Latte.

off the boat - pizzeria
203 Edwardes St. Reservoir
Closed Mondays

Monday, August 20, 2012

Alour Cafe - Broadway, Reservoir

With 3 grown children who are now quite capable of getting themselves up and breakfasted in the morning, DH an I have decided that we can go out for Breakfast and / or Coffee & Cake on a Saturday.
Cafe Alour is situated in Broadway - Reservoir just at the pedestrian crossing.  We have been to this Cafe a couple of times and find that the staff are always pleasant, to the point of being pleased and excited to be serving you, and the food is consistently nice.

Just check out these Poached Eggs!

Poached Eggs are for me, the benchmark of a Cafe offering a breakfast menu.  If they don't get the Poached part right then .... you don't go back.  It reminds me of a Cafe we visited, whilst on holidays a long time ago, (before I knew about blogging) when the waitress informed us that if we wanted runny yolks we had to ask for them that way when we ordered!  Um - what?

Perfectly cooked eggs, and the Hollandaise Foam that accompanied them had an early hit of salt which I thought may have spoilt the dressing, but quickly faded to give up the wonderful unique taste of Dill.  DH - who is not a fan of Hollandaise happily shared some of mine (easy to do seeing it was served 'on the side') in exchange for some of his grilled mushrooms. These were nice and firm and had a wonderful smoked BBQ flavour.

If I had any criticism to make it was, that I would have liked just one more slice of the beautifully toasted Turkish roll to mop up the remaining golden yolks from the very large free-range eggs. And perhaps just a tiny sprig of dill to garnish the dressing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Degani's at Northcote Plaza

Anyone would think by the lack of posts that I haven't been out much... But the reality of it is that life sometimes is so busy, the 'pop down the road for a coffee' is just that - A coffee on the run while to get your head around what you have to do next.

Yesterday was one of those days - Myrtle and I were out shopping for a birthday gift and found ourselves down at Northcote Plaza (cnr Separation Street & High Street Northcote).  This place hasn't changed much since it was built, but there are renovations in progress and it was pleasant to find a shiny new Degani's Restaurant around the back at the new entrance, with a view of the adjoining Park.

The venue was warm and welcoming and the staff were pleasant - with perhaps the exception of the waiter, who covered the fact he served my coffee to the wrong table by implying that I had moved!

My coffee was warm and creamy, and comforting for a cold day.  Was it made correctly? With a wee bit too much foam for a Latte and no Crema - I'd say not.  The croissant which was full of almonds would have been nicer had it been warmed for a few seconds in their Pizza oven and not 'nuked' in the microwave.

Would I return?  If I was in the area... and wanting an upmarket warm place to have a meal.  (The chairs were very comfortable.) As for the coffee?  There are other cafe's in the complex that have been around a lot longer.  Maybe I'll check them out next time!