Tip Jars

Tipping in Australia is not mandatory but if you feel that you have had great service there are always Tip Jars on the counter.
This page is a collection of the best TIP JARS I have seen.

Not a Tip Jar in sight
Only this Glorious Sign
Belandre Coffee Hub - Sth Morang Vic.

By the looks of things
The customers at Hangar Northland
do not think they are very attractive at all!

Interesting use of a Percolator..
Spuntino at Epping Plaza

"We knead the Dough"
at Heaven Wood-fire Pizza Coburg

Creatures of Habit - Springvale Homemaker Centre
"Curious things - Habits.  People themselves never knew they had them" - Agatha Christie

Koffee - Northland
"Just try once what we perceive as coffee perfection"

Cafe Ivanhoe - Ivanhoe

Mustbar - Doreen
(Swear Jar... For Staff or Customers???)

Boot Factory - Pentridge (Coburg)

Not a Tip Jar but a 'priceless tip'!

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