Monday, April 8, 2013

Lady Bower

Situated just around the corner of Reservoir's Broadway shopping strip in Marchant Avenue is a small Cafe that looks like it would be more suited to the bustle of High Street Northcote.  The owners have converted a couple of shops into a pleasant "Indoor/Outdoor" dining area, with the clever use of artificial turf on the concrete floor instead of mats.

The staff have on the most part been very pleasant and happy to chat if the cafe is not too busy.

So - How does the menu stack up?
Coffee, has been a bit hit and miss. DH has, on both occasions we visited, stated his Strong Flat White to be 'a nice coffee' (high praise indeed) but the follow-up Long Macchiato was disappointing.  My weak Latte was a little too weak and unfortunately - tepid. 

The Breakfast Menu has lot of things on Toast.
There does not seem to be any choice in what kind of toast you have (Multigrain) and it seems that there is only one setting on the toaster - CRUNCHY!
I prefer my toast crisp but not that crisp that it shatters when I cut it.

This visit DH tried the Omelet which came with a nicely dressed salad.
I tried the Grilled Cheese on Chutney with the plus Egg option.  The eggs were beautifully poached, and I enjoyed them.  What I didn't enjoy was the cloying over-sweet (homemade) chutney coupled with a generous amount of what quickly became cold grilled cheese and nothing to offset the richness of the dish.

That being said....
On our first visit, we ordered from what must have been the Summer Menu.
Perfectly poached Eggs on toast come with nothing except a grind of black pepper unless you order a serve of something from the add-on  section.  In this case beautiful marinated Rosemary Mushrooms.

And just to show it is not all Toast and Eggs - 
Poached Peaches on Warm Brioche with Labne, Muesli and Salted Caramel Sauce.
Once again - way too sweet for me, but I will be watching the menu for it's return, and next time I will share it with someone else -

-with maybe a Pot of Tea.

Lady Bower
1a Marchant Ave
Reservoir Vic 3073

(On the Broadway side of Reservoir Station)
Closed Mondays