Sunday, October 23, 2011

Family Day - Sunny Hill Strawberry Farm

The weather was far from conducive to going out .  The rain was miserable but it was 'Family Day' and they wanted to make the most of it despite the weather.

I normally love driving on Eastlink but yesterday it was horrible and I welcomed the approach of the tunnels if just to get out of the rain for a few minutes. But enough about the weather.  By the time we got to the Mornington Peninsula the rain had cleared and I wondered if there had been anything but a slight drizzle here.

This time we were heading to the SUNNY RIDGE STRAWBERRY FARM and with a treat like this at the end of the trip - who wouldn't want to brave the elements!

This Parfait is what we came for....
Marinated freshly picked Strawberries
topped with a scoop of Home made Strawberry Icecream
with a companion scoop of Strawberry Sorbet

Then there were the
Belgium waffles 
with Poached raspberries, 
Fresh local cream 
and Dark chocolate dip.

And ....
Hot pancakes
Maple Syrup
Beautiful Vanilla Ice-cream
(made with local ingredients)

And if that wasn't enough..... One of their Giant Chocolate covered Strawberries.

Yes, that is a 'normal' berry on the teaspoon and a 5c piece for scale!

  1. The only problem I have now is.....

What do I do with THESE?????

PS:  There were FIVE of us and we shared!