Monday, July 16, 2012

A very pleasant Venue - Beasley's Nursery

Saturday, Myrtle directed My DH and I to Beasley's Nursery [at 195 Warrandyte Road East Doncaster] where they have quite a lovely Cafe on site.

Internet Friends
It was the ideal place to meet friends that you have never met - you know the kind that you have been 'talking to' on-line for ever, and finally have the opportunity to talk face to face.  We found each other, with the help of the waiting staff - and a rather distinctive quilt I was carrying - and then down to business of stories, photos and of course COFFEE!

My coffee was very nice (could have been a wee bit hotter) but DH must have liked his as he ordered another round, this time accompanied by one of each of the muffins on display.  These were served warm to the table with ample butter and were light and flavoursome.  The Fruit Toast that our companion ordered looked so good with its generous bowl of Raspberry Jam on the side and what looked like a disc of Orange infused Butter, that I thought maybe next time......
Yes, it is somewhere I will return to, and check out the rest of their menu.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hidden Gem #2 - Bunnings

... Yep that's right, I said Bunnings.
Myrtle and Me were out on the road this week - ALL this week trundling back and forth to Monash University Clayton Campus for their Annual Computer Games Boot Camp, where my DS#2 is a Senior Volunteer for the week.
So when you have just done the run from where I am to where he needed to be to just turn around and go home again you start looking for somewhere to stop - a VERY wise idea it is too!!!
Friday I pulled off the back road (Gardiner Street) into Bunnings @ Notting Hill. For those that come through the front door, it is in Ferntree Gully Road.
Turn to the left as you pass the 'Meet & Greet' staff and head towards the Garden Department, you will notice the Familiar Play area, but what sets this Bunnings apart from others I have visited is the care that they have taken to 'build' a coffee shop inside the store. The Cafe, open between 9:00am and 5:00pm is a comfortable place for both staff and customers.

Friendly staff greeted me as I stepped into the little Cafe and invited me to stand (ok - thaw out) under one of the 4 ceiling mounted heaters. The display cabinet showing off Soup, Pies, Wraps and other goodies ready to heat up on request, as well as Sandwiches and real Cafe cakes. My Coffee and steaming Chocolate Pudding arrived quickly and at the same time, followed up by a serviette.
The coffee, although a little 'ordinary' was hot and welcome, and in it's defence - The Barresta was on L plates!

A trip to the Ladies room didn't disappoint either - 4 stars for this one!