Friday, March 22, 2019

Goodbye Old Friend

Where have you been?


 "There and Back Again"

        "... to see how far it is"

How long did it take?
       22 Years.

It was July 25th 1997 when I drove my first ever brand new car Home for the Very First time.

And looking through the Albums for that First Photograph of my new car has definitely been a Trip down Memory Lane!

She has faithfully and Safely taken us to Adelaide and Yarra Glen.

From Limestone Caves at Buchan to Pelicans at Streaky Bay.

And the most Southerly part of Mainland Australia at Wilsons Prom to Deniliquin in NSW!

We have driven along the Coast and through Majestic Trees of the National Forests.

Down many "Rabbit-holes" seeing what is around that corner or where the road will take us.

On Bitumen and Dirt and sometimes Sand.

With Three at once on Learner Plates.  Now THAT was an Adventure!

Each time we climbed aboard we trusted her to bring us home safely.

And sometimes - we were reassured with a Heavenly Promise that we would be kept Safe.

Only ONCE in 22 years did she ever leave us "High and Dry" but even then we were but a few Kilometres from where she was built and Help was at hand.

10 years later that Muffler repair was still going strong!

22 years of Hey Mum can you....

Pick me up at the Train
Come get me I have the 'Barry Sax'
I need a Freezer - can you help
We just bought two 12 foot trees.......

22 years of Recording
Every trip to the Petrol Station
Every Odometer reading
Every Price per Litre for every fill

All - 850 times
34,529 Litres
260,648 km
How much? - I could but I didn't!

Today with more than a few tears
I said Goodbye to my Old Girl.

As she "Sailed off into the Sunset" without Us.
Our journeys together are now over and She has been donated to
"Kids Under Cover"

Perhaps she will find someone to take her on more adventures.

I will miss her greatly.

* * * * *

And Now it is time for New Memories

I would like to introduce you to Bessie.

She is my new ride
She came with a LOT of Whistles and Bells for me to learn

And a Big Red Ribbon!

She came with just 16 km
on the clock

I plan to change that!

She has her own new Log Book - ready to record all those adventures DH and I plan to have in his Retirement.

With her Built in talking Street Directory, Access to Google Maps via my phone AND Old faithful Myrtle as a back up we shouldn't get too lost!

"Live Now; 
Make Now the most Precious Time.
Now will Never Come Again." *


Jean-Luc Picard - StarTrek Next Generation

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