Sunday, October 8, 2017

Time to say "Good bye/Au Revoir/Auf Wiedersehen "

Sunday Morning - we were supposed to meet up with DD and be treated to a lovely Brunch at the Cafe behind her building.

There were just a couple of things that prevented this from happening. 

First was to get all our luggage safely stowed at the Train Station so we didn't have to drag it around with us for half the day. 

The Other -
Well, You need to get up VERY early in the morning to have Brunch at the best cafe in town when there is a Breast Cancer Fun Run on!

We did eventually find somewhere that had room
but then -

You know the old rule - 
Never trust an EMPTY Cafe!

It had a beautiful View of the Bridge, Cathedral and Fun Run Course, but that is where the 'nice' ended.

This place got our award for the WORST Breakfast and Service for our entire trip!

Placing breakfast behind us we headed off to find a Sunday Market -
Which when we got there... was
"Postponed due to Fun Run"  [Big Sigh!]

Now not knowing how to fill in our last morning - we wandered over to the 'other side of Town' where DD showed us the one thing that in all her time away - made her feel so very far from home.

When confronted with a sign post
and the furthest point on it says SYDNEY 14,000 km.

You don't sit down and work out how far Melbourne is from Sydney!

We saw parts of Strasbourg that had been updated and modernised.

No time left to explore the boardwalk where old Cranes now turned into Sculptures, have been left as testament to the original use of the Docks.

For now we had to reluctantly head back to the Station and board the Last Train on this journey.

Tearfully waving Goodbye to Our Beautiful Girl.
(How I wished we could have stayed longer.)

Two Hours later we pulled into Frankfurt Airport Station.

More like an Airport than a Train Station - and after a mix-up with the wrong Bus and  waiting for a Shuttle that no longer existed we staggered into what was the Best Hotel Room EVER.

(It had a Nescafe Coffee Machine!)

All that was left now was to get a Good Night's Sleep.

Before boarding the plane where they looked after us well and served reasonable meals and "Nice" Snacks.
(See - it says so on the label!)

It was listed on the Menu as the MOVIE Snack and served at about 2 AM - because doesn't everybody needs Potato Crisps at 2 am?

Breaking our Journey Home  in Doha, Qatar
After 6 hours in the Air with another 13:45 hours ahead of us, it was good to stretch our legs.

With Large Open Concourses, Clean Futuristic lines, Lit travelators and Silent Electric Trams that run overhead. 
We commented it was another perfect Movie Set and it would not surprise us to see someone in a "Star Trek" Uniform walk past.

Transiting passengers were taken directly from the Aircraft to the Departure Lounge - no long queues, just a small security check at the boarding gate.
This has to be the Best Organised Airport we have transited through.

After 3 weeks away
Staying at 7 Hotels 
In 4 Different Countries
Travelling on Panes, Trains, Trams and yes Automobiles

It was Good to see
"Welcome Home"

And the conversation on the ride back was . . .

"Where do you want to go NEXT ?"

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